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AutoLumo A1860 is the new generation of Autobio AutoLumo Series with compact structure and innovative design, providing simpler, smarter and better user experience for small and medium size labs.

  • Hospitals

  • Medical laboratories

  • Independent Clinical Laboratory

  • Blood banking

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other clinical institutions.


Simpler Easy Operation and Save Time

  • Consumable Management

    Iconic management of consumables. Automatic switch of dual-substrate.

  • Reagent Management

    Keep cooling after switch off. Random reagent access.

  • Auto-Retesting

    Auto-repeat and auto-dilution.

Smarter Versatile and Strong, Brings More Accurate Results

  • Lower Carryover

    Surrounding washing station by vacuum brings low carryover, especially beneficial to infectious disease items

  • Lower Failure Rate

    Integrated RIDE module combing with Reading, Injection, Discard, and Elution.

  • Lower Background

    Bi-directional swimming magnetic separation, decrease non-specific absorption.

  • Higher Precision

    Innovative vibration mixing. Fully mixed within 1.8s.

Better Lead your lab into a new generation of immunoassay

  • Higher Throughput

    180 Tests/hour save your test time

  • Larger Reagent Capacity

    25 Reagent Positions meet various clinical demand

  • Compact Structure

    Smaller Size and Less Weight


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